Boots and Crampons

Boots and Crampons is an award winning adventure and mountaineering company based in India, led by a dynamic team of passionate and experienced young climbers. Having made a name for itself in conquering even the toughest of mountains with dedication and determination, Boots and Crampons is poised to be one of country’s top Mountaineering Company.

Who we are?

With a legacy of leading climbing expeditions to the world’s highest peaks, and treks to the more remote corners of the globe, Boots and Crampons ensures world class mountaineering services while ensuring your safety, combining stunning wilderness of the mountains with the highest level of service and comfort.

Whether you are taking your first steps into the realm of the outdoors, or are a seasoned adventurer. Your experience with Boots and Crampons on an Adventure expedition will be like no other, helping you grow stronger and teaching you a variety of survival skills. The time now is ripe; let’s discuss your next life adventure.

Our Team work information

We hold a very strong and hardworking team, which play a key role in our success, we enjoy our work in parallel as well and our high team has a lot of passion for mountain and is highly motivated in person. Team plays a prominent role in our expeditions which is always our strength and power. We arrange logistics for all the major seven summits and also we arrange treks far away, we focus on promoting the adventure is very unique way and we collaborate accordingly and arrange many events in the neighborhood and across the border as well. As per the special requirement of our client we also pool up resources and we assure the outcome.

We believe in team work which thrive a healthy environment in any task handled. We create a wider sense of ownership among our team because of which they are highly motivated and dedicated. Expedition planning is adventuresome which always has to be done very circumspectly. Boots and Crampons team pays attention to every single detail and executes the strategy accordingly.

Boots and Crampons is an adventure and mountaineering expedition company based in India.

We specialize in mountaineering expeditions to Mt Everest, Mt Kosciusko, Mt Elbrus, Mt Aconcagua, Mt Kilimanjaro, the “7 Summits”, and other renowned international and domestic peaks, as well as unclimbed peaks in extremely remote regions.

We have a well trained and illustrious team to lead expeditions on multiple continents. We also provide education and training for climbers who aspire to become self-sufficient, aware and respectful of the local culture, stewards of the environment, and for whom safety is the number one priority in all climbing endeavors.

Core Team

Lt Col Romil Barthwal, Army Veteran, CEO

Romil joined the army in 1994 as a cadet in the prestigious National Defence Academy, khadakvasla. He retired as a Special Forces officer and joined B&C as the CEO. He is an alumni of IIT Kharagpur & IIM Lucknow. He has led 10 major mountaineering expeditions as team leader with great success including the mighty Mt Everest in May 2019. He is a Boston Marathoner, Half Ironman Podium finisher, La Ultra 111 km non Ladakhi record holder, 24hour 185km runner, Ultra cyclist Super Randonneur. He has done White water rafting and all the mountaineering courses from the best institutes in India. He is a motivational speaker and Strategic leader.

Bharath Thammineni

Bharath has a unique distinction of reaching the summits of Mt Everest, Mt Lhotse, Mt Manaslu (all are 8000m+ peaks). He is a Genetic Engineer by qualification. He has led multiple
teams to the highest points in Kilimanjaro, Africa, Europe, South America, Australia & Asia. Bharath is also climbing Mt Kanchenjunga next year. He is an experienced and Veteran mountaineer with 8 years of high-altitude expeditions under his belt. He has climbed five of the seven highest mountains out of the Seven Summit Series.